Multitudes of Music

From a young age I’ve been obsessed with music, it’s had a huge impact on practically every aspect of my life – in particular how I perceive a multitude of realities.

I fondly look back to my younger days, to times spent in the car with my Dad listening to CD’s and Cassettes. My Dad was always obsessed with music, and even though he never played an instrument he has always been a music man. I distinctly remember being obsessed with George Thorogood’s ‘Bad to the Bone’ and its distinctly distorted guitar riff. From a young age I knew there was something about music, I loved every note from the beginning. But over time I started to separate myself from my Dad’s musical taste and started to develop my own. I remember the first real album that I bought was Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’, which, of course, my entire elementary friend group (appropriately deemed the rock group) obsessed over. By high school, I had my own musical taste, and like any angsty teenager I wouldn’t let anyone tell me what to think.

I got into harder rock and became particularly obsessed with Nirvana and its front-man Kurt Cobain. I wanted to know everything about the band, and I even (quite embarrassingly) grew my hair out and dyed it blonde. But eventually, I grew up. As I grew up I started to further appreciate what music had to offer, I started to play guitar and write my own music, I even tried my hand a starting some bands in my hometown.

It all changed when I went to university. I had to make new friends and had the opportunity to further expand my musical horizons. Slowly I came out of my pretentious musical shell and began to appreciate hip-hop, jazz, blues, and others. I really began to appreciate the diversity that existed in music and no longer said that I was a fan of only X or Y. Instead, I adopted the idea that good music isn’t just what I liked. There is something to appreciate in almost all music and how it can bring us together, teach us lessons, or simply make us feel. In the end I’ve grown to appreciate variety in life itself, music taught me to appreciate the unknowns in the world.