Get “Back to the Future”

I’m going to switch things up from my usual musical ramblings today for a post that’s more… philosophical.

I think we as humans are obsessed with the future. We are obsessed with our tomorrows, both individually, and as a society at large. It’s easy to wonder about our future, and one of my favorite daydreams involves what technology will be like in the future. In the last 100 years alone humanity has developed tech that has changed how we live, and I would arguably say that computer technology has made the largest impact on mankind.

This video by YouTuber CGP Grey really kickstarted my imagination on the topic. It’s 15 minutes long and is definitely worth a look. The video talks about how our lives will become increasingly automated, and it’s all happening soon. Like, in our lifetimes soon.

Scary isn’t it?! So what is next? Where is technology going to push us going forward? I think the next logical step for us is to begin to allow ourselves to be changed by technology physically. The tech isn’t as advanced as it could be yet, but I think looking forward we will begin to see increasingly advanced artificial limbs and even organs.

100 years ago artificial limbs like this weren’t even realistically conceivable.

I believe that this is going to revolutionize our world as we know it. Maybe this all sounds like the ramblings of a madman, but if we continue on the pathway of human body augmentation our society will be forever changed. It’s hard – for me at least – to think of something that is more simultaneously scary and exciting. Imagine a world free of disease, no more disabilities, and potentially longer lifespans!

But this potential advancement comes at a potentially huge social diversion. These body modifications could one day give birth to another class of person, someone who is increasingly more machine than man. The advantages that this person would have over the more “basic” human would be practically limitless. And of course, why would it be affordable? It would be a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. I think that’s a scary reality, and we need to consider the social ramifications such body augmentation can have.

Just a thought.




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