Man AND Machine?

Going off of my last post I wanted to pose a question: At what point is a human no longer considered a human? I don’t exactly seek to delve deep into the answers, but rather as some questions and share my opinions. For the sake of argument, let us assume that technology has progressed to the point we can practically replace the entire human body with robotics. Forgive me while I get a little of the rails…

If we are to remove a man’s arm and replace it with an artificial one certainly he is still human. He maintains his humanity, as he still possesses the rest of his body. He is largely organic and biological. But what if this process is taken further? What if the process of artificially “augmenting” to a human continues? Is it when science can replace greater than 50% of a person? These are interesting questions, especially with the rapid advancement of technology it may have to be a question many may ask.


What would be the point of losing our humanity? Progress of course! If we could eliminate¬†horrible diseases like cancer, we could run faster, think smarter, live longer, isn’t it worth it? The future of human body augmentation is the next step in our evolution, one that we can make for ourselves. If the tech is there in the future, we will be able to play God. there would be no limit but our own creativity and imagination.

What will the future hold?


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