I was born in Toronto, Canada on November 3rd, 1992. My parents quickly decided that they wanted to move elsewhere, and moved to a more suburban neighbourhood in Newmarket, roughly an hour north of Toronto. And while I had moved away from Toronto I have always felt a special connection to the city and have always consider it my first home. I’ve always been interested in learning and I’ve always been good at what I do. If I had had to quickly describe myself given my history I would say that I am friendly, organized, driven, hard-working, and imaginative.


I’m 23 years old and recent graduate of McMaster university and am currently employed at the McMaster Graduate Student Bar ‘The Phoenix’ as a cook. I live in Hamilton and am currently studying post-graduate Public Relations at Mohawk College. My interests include music, technology, and cooking. When I have spare time I can be found exploring the world around me at local restaurants or on a hike or similar adventure with friends. I play guitar and have been playing for approximately 7 years, though I have no musical training and have learned everything I know musically myself. Last year I also started collecting records and have amassed sixty records thus far.



One Year (24) – I love Hamilton and what it has to offer, as such I want to stay here while I search for my first “real” job. I want to work at some entry level as a public relations job. I want to have already started to diversify my professional network beyond Hamilton and into the GTA, as I do not intend to stay in Hamilton for longer than 2-3 years after graduation from my post-graduate program. Whatever job I land would ideally have interest in the local Hamilton community and would allow me to further develop my PR skills.

Five Years (28) –  After saving up money for a while working in Hamilton it is my goal to eventually move back to Toronto and get a reasonably price apartment. I can see myself working as a member of a PR agency and starting to work my way up the ladder and taking on more and more responsibilities. I would have wanted to have already been working in an environment that I personally enjoy and I don’t want to settle for something or somewhere that I don’t feel

Ten Years (33) – I will have been in the PR industry for 10 years now. I can see myself either working at a management position in a firm or working at a similarly high-ranking position at some corporation. I may have moved to another city at this point but I would probably go wherever my career takes me, of course considering my family and close friends who have always been important to me.



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